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Los Lunas Sister Cities program

School of Dreams Academy (SODA)/Antigua and Barbuda Sister City Charter School Project

The Village of Los Lunas School of Dreams Academy (SODA) is conjunction with the Albuquerque Sister City Program is in the process of forming a Sister City Charter School relationship with SODA a current Charter School in the Village of Los Lunas in New Mexico towards a future Charter School in the Eastern Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. With the assistance of Ralph L. Mims, of the R. Mims World Group whose family is from Barbuda, he is facilitating contacts towards a future School of Dreams (SODA) initiated Charter School in Antigua and a smaller school in Barbuda. This future Charter School will provide a STEM student relationship with students at SODA and students in Antigua and Barbuda.

Ralph L. Mims, Michael Ogas, The Principal of SODA and Richard Buckler of the Albuquerque Sister City Foundation and Everette Hill, Principal & Managing Director, Social Innovation Strategies Group, LLC has had ongoing meetings with Antigua and Barbuda Government officials, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology the Hon. Michael S. Browne and Claire Brown the Director of Education. The proposed project, the Antigua and Barbuda International Technology Academy (ABITA) proposal was submitted to the Antigua and Barbuda Government officials for review. Finally, the project along with the Village of Los Lunas and St John’s Antigua Sister City program has received initial funding from Facebook through their Community Development Program. We will keep you updated as the project progresses!

This link provides information about the Sir McChesney George Secondary School in Barbuda. Sir McChesney George who has died, was a relative of Ralph L. Mims.